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Nine Keys to Budgeting on a Fluctuating Income

Freelancers, the self-employed, and salespeople have one thing in common: They struggle to budget given their fluctuating, and sometimes unpredictable, incomes. Imagine planning your monthly spending plan without a) knowing how much you’ll earn, b) knowing when you’ll get paid, and c) knowing how much you’ll make the following month. As crazy as it seems, this is a common […]

Ten Lessons, Ten Years

The Freezer and Slow Cooker Connection: How to Easily Prepare a Bunch of Slow Cooker Recipes in Advance to Save Tons of Money

Recently, I’ve made a few mentions of the fact that Sarah and I (honestly, mostly Sarah, as she has really jumped on board with this concept since spending an evening with a friend of hers doing this) have been preparing meals for the freezer with the intent of actually cooking them in the slow cooker […]

Wealth, Purpose, and the Idea of “Enough”

Negative Feelings About Cheap Things (and How to Overcome Them)

A few days ago, I came across this great video from The School of Life. It’s well worth watching: [embedded content] From the description: In assessing what material things are important and worth paying attention to, we’re oddly prejudiced against cheapness – and frustratingly drawn to the expensive, for reasons that don’t necessarily stand up […]

Wealth, Purpose, and the Idea of “Enough”